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The three founders of PGS bring nearly thirty years of custom gunsmithing and international competitive shooting experience and much more under one roof :-


Peter Walker has been building high end custom rifles for nearly twenty years with his rifles winning competitions at the highest level of both Benchrest and F Class Competition.  Known worldwide for his extremely high standards of workmanship and quality Peter heads up the gunsmithing side of the business.


Gary Costello has been shooting F Class for over ten years and is a former World Champion in F Open and GB National League Champion, he is the owner of freight forwarding company PBS International.  Specialising in the shipping of firearms and ammunition including S5 firearms Gary's experience and knowledge in this field is unparalleled in the UK and is a vital component of PGS' ability to source licensed components from around the world and ultimately distribute our products.  Naturally Gary runs the logistics and management and export side of things.


Stuart Anselm has been building custom rifles for just over ten years now and competing in F Class for a similar time.  Stuart has won the GB F Class National League in F T/R, the GB National Championships in F T/R and is a former European Champion in F T/R.  In addition to building rifles Stuart was one of the very first people to be a factory trained and approved applicator of Cerakote bringing another crucial component into the PGS portfolio of skills.  With twenty years of running a tech based business Stuart looks after the CNC programming and of course the coatings.

Services Offered:




PGS spent around 9 months researching machines and methods applicable to custom riflesmithing in order to ensure that the work undertaken at PGS on the CNC lathe would fulfill the following criteria:


It must be as a minimum of equal or better quality of fit and finish to that currently achieved by our two gunsmiths on their conventional manual lathes but it must be able to achieve that finish and repeatability whilst improving production capacity in order to reduce lead times for customers.


To that end, after several visits to various showrooms and manufacturers, the decision to purchase a new XYZ Proturn lathe was taken and our new lathe was commissioned on site at the beginning of December.


Several weeks of testing and customising the fittings including an in house custom made high pressure muzzle flushing system for chambering, floating reamer holders and barrel mounting systems have paid dividends.  To this end we believe we now have the most sophisticated barrel chambering setup in the UK bar none.




Having invested heavily in CNC machinery we are in a position to offer custom rebarreling with short lead times.  For those serious competition shooters that change barrels every season or two then the advantage of our system is that once your actions’ specifications are on our files and the first barrel has been fitted then we can machine up replacements to your schedule without the need to physically have the action in our hands, this is particularly helpful for our overseas customers who don’t have to send their actions over to us in the UK every time a new barrel is needed.



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